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Sell to more customers with less time and less paperwork. Reduce your sales cycles up to 80%. Work productively anywhere anytime.

CRM Solutions

✓ Social CRM
✓ Online Salesforce
✓ Manage More Deals
✓ Accurate Orders
✓ Better Services

POS Solutions

✓ Manage Restaurants
✓ Fast Services
✓ Easy to Use
✓ Improve Financial Control

Business Intelligence

✓ Interactive Analysis
✓ Management Dashboards
✓ Big Data Management
✓ Automated Reports
✓ Reporting Systems API

Your business needs a strategy for Sales Force Automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM). Signify provides your business with the process and software technology for your team to realize your strategy precisely and conveniently.


Signify helped me with a professional sales systems that connects all my sales staff together. I can now easily track and manage sales opportunities for our 200-staff engineering service company.

Our Clients: