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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of managing and using detailed information about individual customers at each customer’s touch point.

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"Great CRM enables your team members to provide excellent real time customer service through the effective use of individual account info.        Based on what they know about each valued customer, your team can customize marketing offers, service actions, and positive communications.   CRM is simply the major driver for company’s profitability and building up of the customer base", said Phillip Kotler the professor of marketing at Northwestern University.

        For a company to perform well, Sales, Service, and Marketing needs to work and collaborate seamlessly, preferably on a single customer database.     They work toward two common goals: increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

         Signify specializes in cloud-computing software for sales organizations and customer service centers.  We were founded in Thailand in 2006, and in just a few short years have grown to supporting over 100,000 sales orders through our cloud-based CRM system.   

         One of our main products, SignifyCRM, is a web-based application which enables a customer-centric approach to sales and customer service operations.  We have developed leading-edge systems for numerous clients, including public organizations and government agencies throughout the region.  We offer a customizable product powered by SugarCRM – the world’s leading CRM software – with an easy to use graphical user interface, thereby limiting training time and maximizing customer service and deal closing time.  From our base in Thailand, we cover a wide geography, providing an effective cloud-computing solution which can be accessed from any location and at any time. 

        Our software solution comes with several modules, making it adaptable to your specific business situation.  These modules include, for example, the Home Module, which shows immediately updated reports on assigned work and other key performance metrics.  Other modules include Accounts, Contacts and Activities modules, which enables tracking of key accounts and a history of contact with each customer relationship.  Other modules enable tracking of quotations, sales orders, service orders, customer problems, and customer success through tracking implementation and project success milestones. 

        For those looking for software to support sales and CRM, ไทย companies can look to a home-grown solution with Signify software, developed by Thai companies for success in Thailand.   Welcome to contact us to see why we recommend SignifyCRM as your in-house customer relationship management system.

Key CRM Data:

1. Recency - when was the last time customer interacts with you.

2. Frequency - how often customer gets service or buys from you.

3. Monetary - how much customer buys from you.


SugarCRM is recognized as "Visionary" in Gartner 2014 Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant:

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