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SignifyCRM Quotation

            SignifyCRM is sales force automation software that compliments and takes customer relationship management to the next level with end-to-end business process for Quotation-to-Payment.    The user application modules inside SignifyCRM includes price list management, quotation, quotation approval, special price request and approval, sales order management, customer credit management, inventory management, payment schedule, customer invoice, and tax receipt.

            Sales Force Automation software helps business to respond better to customers, especially when it takes weeks or months to follow through with the customers and close the deals.   Sales rep will know exactly who to follow up, when to follow up, what to discuss with the prospective customers, having all essential information at his/her finger tips that will help to proceed faster and easier, from making initial calls to winning deals.    It is really a must for the company to have Sales Rep to use Sales Force Automation software.

            In addition, SignifyCRM supports Procurement Management that includes product catalog, SO-to-PO conversion, purchase order, material receipt, and inventory management.

            Business users can track and manage cusotmer transactions from start to end, seamlessly and conveniently.   This can substitue the use of ERP software.

            SignifyCRM runs on any fake rolex Sugar Platform: CE, Professional, Enterprise to meet the needs for end-to-end business process management solutions.

SignifyCRM Opportunity


SignifyCRM is ideal for:
✓ B2B, B2G Project Sales
✓ Trade and Distribution
✓ Made to Order (MTO)
✓ Configured to Order (CTO)

Solution Features:

Account Privilege

          Assign specially approved discount, payment terms for different customer segments and customer markets.

o  Pre-approved Discount
o  Credit Limit and Controls

Advanced Product Catalog

         Manage product pricing in tier volume, in different unit of selling, in different currency, or in upselling packages:

o  Multi Unit of Selling
o  Multi Currency of Selling
o  Product Bundling
o  Limited-Time Promotion
o  Price Ceilings and Floors
o  Catalogs assignment to Accounts or Sales Locations

Advanced Quotation

           Generate price quotations that responds to customer’s demand in a timely and conveniently way:

o  Quotation
o  Quotation Revision
o  Product Discount by Amount, by Percentage
o  Account Discount
o  Special Price Request and Request Approval
o  Business Terms and Conditions
o  Pixel-Perfect PDF Quotations

Sales Order

         Capture order and check whether there is enough stock and credit to sell for the customers.   Generate PDF invoices and receipts from the CRM systems.

SignifyCRM Sales Order

o  Quotation-to-Sales Order Conversion, can convert in full or partially
o  Selling Bundled Products or Packages
o  Credit Validation and Special Credit Request
o  Stock Validation
o  Back Orders
o  Inventory Management
o  Product size array
o  ERP system integration via SOAP, REST, Database ETL

Billing Plan

o  Split sales order into multiple payment schedules.
o  Generate PDF invoices and PDF receipts.
o  Track status of invoice and receipt for any given customer.

Inventory Management

o  Create Purchase Order from Quotation that customer accepts.
o  Receive materials from supplier.
o  Track and manage inventory level.

Top reasons to use CRM for Project Sales Improvement:

1.  Increase sales bidding efficiency (70%)
2.  Distribute actions from manager to sales persons, enabling them to manage own results (60%)
3.  Centralize customers, projects, and sales team knowledge base (50%)
4.  Provide management with in-depth reports (45%)

**source: Signify's Interview with Client Executives

Sales Pipeline Dashboards:

SignifyCRM Opportunity by Source

SignifyCRM Opportunity Pie

Sales Outcome Dashboards:

SignifyCRM Sales Outcome by Product Category

SignifyCRM Sales Outcome by Sales Team

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