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B2B Sales Management Software


If your company sells to another company (referred to as B2B), your company will most likely run into these issues:

 The sales cycle is long.   It takes time to meet, to inform, to negotiate, and to close the deal.
The selling is rather complex, involving many contact persons in the decision making, requiring your team to analyze business relationship for short terms and long terms.
Product has high price and there are many points for discussion, comparison, and negotiation. Customers often request for quotation and compare quotations from many suppliers.

To manage B2B selling, sales manager is often required to master the following:

1. Define sales process. Process will help your team to work through step by step, to win customers, over the long sales cycle.
2. Design pricing structure, finding way to segment your products and services, finding way to differentiate when being compared with competitors, and finding way to work through customer journeys or customer life cycle.
3. Develop relationship with channels: resellers, partners, as well as with key accounts that brings in sales volume.
4. Work with team to prioritize prospects and coach the team toward converting prospects to customers.
5. Monitor sales follow-up activities, ensuring that your team will earn enough trust to win a business and work up to the expected performance.

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