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Marketing Automation Software Thailand ไทย


            Marketing Automation Modules help marketing team to communicate and easily engage with each customer group or each customer segment, with the help from modernized automation tools.

Marketing Automation is ideal for

✓ Lead Generation
✓ Cross-Sell, Up-Sell
✓ Relationship Marketing, Account Based Marketing
✓ Any modern company that wants to enable sales and marketing staff to work online, from anywhere at anytime.

Effective Email Marketing

Screen shows no. of responses that can increase when marketing team adopts the better email marketing approach.

Marketing Automation helps to resolve the following problems:

✓ Your marketing team is wasting lot of time on manual campaigns.
✓ Your marketing team has no tools to measure how much each campaign interests your customers.
✓ Your customers often feel that they get spam email and delete before open it.
✓ Your sales team finds that mass email has no benefit for them, cannot help them build good customer relationship.
✓ Your sales team is disconnected from your marketing team.    Sales team misses out many business opportunities.
✓ Your organization cannot harness, cannot integrate marketing and sales together.

Solution Features:

Campaign Plan

o  Manage target lists.
o  Create unlimited target lists, by choosing from prospect and customer database, using your choice of data filters for example customer segment, region, province, history of producst purchased, history of interaction with sales team, etc.
o  Create message templates: email template, SMS template, outbound telesales conversation script.
o  Easily generate online survey for each lead, with lead scoring features.
o  Easily print postal label for mail merge.


Email Marketing

o  Automation of Personized Email Marketing.
o  Easy to use, user can choose from various email template (Newsletter, Promotion, Seminar and Training).
o  Track no. of opens, reads, clicks, registered.
o  Create unlimited web landing, web registration pages (Web-to-Lead).
o  Measure return on investment (ROI).
o  Integration with Gmail, POP3, SMTP mail server.
o  Integration with Mailchimp, the mass email service provider.

 Email Template

Screen shows email template that can dynamically display, for example, customer name.


Marketing Automation

o  Automate sending follow-up emails to the qualified leads, helping you nuture the leads, converting them into customers.
o  Create marketing workflow that works for you the way you want, helping you cross-sell as well as up-sell easier.
o  Ad-Hoc report provides business intelligence that you can create unlimited number of reports for your marketing analytic.

Leads registered by campaign

Screen shows leads that respond and register for each campaign.


Outbound Telesales

o  Manage outbound call lists for contact center agents.
o  Agent call script, with lead scoring.
o  User can click from screen to call out, with automated call logging.
o  Generate post campaign follow-up reports.


Screen shows survey template that can support various marketing activities including presales lead survey and lead scoring as well as, post-campaign satisfaction survey and satisfaction scoring

Top reasons to use CRM for Project Sales Improvement:

1.  Increase sales bidding efficiency (70%)
2.  Distribute actions from manager to sales persons, enabling them to manage own results (60%)
3.  Centralize customers, projects, and sales team knowledge base (50%)
4.  Provide management with in-depth reports (45%)

**source: Signify's Interview with Client Executives

Sales Pipeline Dashboards:

SignifyCRM Opportunity by Source

SignifyCRM Opportunity Pie

Sales Outcome Dashboards:

SignifyCRM Sales Outcome by Product Category

SignifyCRM Sales Outcome by Sales Team