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Trading Company Sales Force Systems

o  Bangkok Industrial Gas

o  Createlcom

o  Enfourtech Engineering

o  Mitsubishi Electric Kangyong Wattana

o  Muller Mechanics

o  Rich Sports

Service Company CRM and BI Systems

o  Amadeus Asia

o  Carrot Rewards

o  Total Access Communication (DTAC)

o  Pharam 9 Hospital

o  Ensogo

o  Honda Rama 3 Group

o  Sanook! Online

o  Vogue and GQ Magazines

Public Service Customer Management Systems

o  Alliance for Financial Inclusion

o  Federation of Thai Industries

o  National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry

o  National Institute of Metrology, Ministry of Science and Technology

o  Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources

Restaurant and Retail POS Systems

o  Bangkok Burger Company

o  Holidays Palace Casino Cambodia

o  New York Style Steak and Burger

o  Aria Culinary Art Italian Restaurant

o  Hello Churos Coffee Shops

Real Estate Company CRM and Call Center Systems

o  SC Asset

o  ERA Real Estate

o  Si Saran Group