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Cloud POS Report Service

SignifyPOS Cloud Report

Cloud POS Report helps you, your marketing team, and your accounting team be informed about sales made at each location.

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Cloud POS Report

Cloud POS Report


    Cloud POS systems provides the business solution for retails and restaurants to upload their sales data to keep on the cloud.    Each shop can manually sync data or automatically sync data to the Cloud POS systems.    This helps to collect data off the PC or laptop at shops, reducing your risk of loosing your data when PC or laptop gets crashed or gets infected by computer virus.

    Cloud POS Report helps to aggregrate your data from many branches from many shifts and generate business reports that you can rely on.    Cloud POS Report can send you an email with business reports automatically on a schedule basis, every day or every week.    You can view the reports on your smart phone: iPad, iPhone, Android while you are on move.

     You do not need to be at the shops to know what are your best sellers, what are the best selling times, who to sell more, and where to sell more -- all can be analyzed from the Cloud POS Report.


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