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Restaurant POS Software Thailand ไทย

SignifyPOS on Acer Iconia W3

SignifyPOS is now available on Windows 8 Tablet (Picture shows Acer Iconia).

SignifyPOS: Auto-Push Report

Manager can now subscribe for Cloud POS Report Service and get daily summary reports in your emails.    User can see sales summary and stock level summary from each of your branches or locations.


SignifyPOS is Restaurant POS software and Retail POS software that helps restaurants and retailers manage orders and payments easily and correctly at any point-of-sales locations.

✓ increase fast & accurate restaurant services
✓ optimized for mobile phones, tablets, touchscreens systems, and high stability client-server systems
✓ increase business control for restaurant network

Buy POS Software Thailand

Now customer can purchase our software and related hardware from Signify Online Store.   Click here.

SignifyPOS is ideal for:

✓ Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
✓ Retails

          When customers arrive, can be seated and assigned with a waiter, and when ready to order, waiter can use his smartphone or tablet to capture food & beverage order and can dispatch it to Kitchen and Bar very quickly and conveniently.  The dispatch is in real time.   Customers will receive timely and accurate services, good customer experiences at your restaurant.

          Helps cashiers to collect revenue correctly and control in-store cash securely.  At the end of staff shift, cashier can report on total sales, total cash in and cash out, total revenue by each type of currency and each type of credit card company, for example, Visa, Master, Amex, etc.


Mobile POS Select Table     Mobile POS Select Product


          SignifyPOS works great for multi-location business and with our Cloud POS Report, Managers and Business Owner will gain business insight without having to be at the shops.  Cloud Report will send email notification every day with essential info, e.g., sales summary, best selling branch, best selling time, best selling products, and more.

POS Key Functionality

Sales Management:

o  Setup master product catalog
o  Setup sales promotions
o  Capture orders
o  Park order and assist another customer
o  Combine orders and print bill for guest
o  Add service charge fee, credit card fee
o  Extend order discount and/or product discount
o  Change currency (THB, USD, EUR, JPY, etc.)
o  Take payments and print receipts for guest
o  Split bill
o  Refund
o  Day-end or shift-end sales reports
o  Many management reports

Restaurant Features

o  Review table status
o  Make a table reservation for guests
o  Assign a waiter to the table
o  Merge or move table for your guests
o  Capture orders and dispatch orders quickly to areas such as kitchen, sushi bar, drink bar, etc, where food and drink are prepared for your guests

Cloud POS Features

o  Auto-sync sales data from POS terminal to the Cloud
o  Auto-sync master product catalog and promotion campaign from the Cloud
o  Manager or restaurant owners can log-on the Web to see sales reports
o  Can auto-send email with daily reports: besting selling branches, best selling times, best performing staff, best seller products.

Integrated Hardware Solutions

o  Touch Screen Panel, Tablet, Smartphones
o  Cash Drawer
o  Receipt and Kitchen Printer (Thermal, Impact)
o  Barcode Reader
o  Barcode Printer

Waiter can reserve table, open tables, check table status, check total time that customer has been at the table.

 Waiter can choose from product category, capture order, and send order to Kitchens and Bars.

Cashier can proceed to take payment: cash, credit card, or voucher, can optionally add charges: service charge and credit card charge.

SiginfyPOS Client Version runs on Windows PC. SignifyPOS Mobile Version runs on Android Mobile Phone.