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POS Hardware

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           Signify has tested SignifyPOS software with the following hardware and you can choose to implement some or all of hardware to meet your requirements:

Touch Screen Systems

Manufacturer: IBM, Posiflex, Poslab

           Having built-in touch-screen systems will improve staff’s productivity in taking orders as well as proceeding payment for your customer.       Specialized touch-screen systems are built fan-freed, meaning that it will endure the humidity and acidity in the kitchens, bars, warehouses, and etc.

Cash Drawer

Manufacturer: Posiflex

          Cash Drawer helps to control putting cash in and taking cash out in a “rhythm”.  The POS system prints a receipt and then automatically opens the drawer for cashier to access money.

Thermal Printer

Manufacturer: Epson

          Excellent for printing order, bill, and receipt.  Thermal printer performs fast, simple, reliable, and low maintenance.  Best of all, staff never has to refill any ink.

Impact Printer

Manufacturer: Epson

          Excellent for printing vivid receipt that your cusotmer can keep as a record for months and years.   Impact printer performs fast, simple, and reliable.